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Stop Foreclosure

Stop foreclosure, let an Attorney deal with your Lender - stop the calls! Foreclosure prevention is the key.


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What we do... We stop Bank's Abusive Behavior

Foreclosure Prevention Assistance for Homeowners

  We provide free services to homeowners who are in pre-foreclosure or foreclosure 

...It's possible that you still have these few options: 

  1. Negotiate a repayment plan with your Lender(s) - Expert Foreclosure Attorney will assist you in negotiations with your Lender 
  2. Sell us your house and we will, in turn, lease you one freshly renovated with the option to buy at the lowest interest rate. 
  3. Foreclosure and auction of your home (Not the best option) 

We are an organization that services throughout the USA. Attorneys that specialize in foreclosures help homeowners who are facing foreclosure process. They talk to the homeowner's lender and negotiate alternatives (such as payment arrangement or to ad the late payments to the loan). They provide these services for free, unless legal representation is really necessary, then a small fee may be necessary.

If keeping your house is not an alternative for you the homeowner, then we offer to purchase your house. In turn, we offer you, the homeowner, one of our freshly renovated houses as rental with the option to purchase. We will also help you to get a loan with a bank/lender who provide loans to people who were in foreclosure at 100% loan and at the lowest interest rate.

If you know of anyone who is currently behind in his/her house payments, please ask them to contact us, we can help.

The bank or mortgage company wants its money, but the borrower does not have the means to pay. In most instances the borrower and lender want to avoid the final foreclosure, a lengthy and expensive process that is a terrible mark on the borrower’s credit and places the lender in the position of having to dispose of the property.

What frequently happens in a foreclosure or pre-foreclosure situations is, we can present a reasonable offer to purchase the property, and the homeowner and lender can then structure a short sale. In that event, the lender agrees to take less than the amount owed on the loan to satisfy the debt. This relieves the borrower from having a foreclosure on his/her credit record, and saves the lender from having to take possession of the property, hold it, possibly make repairs and market it. A short sale is a win/win/win for you the homeowner, the lender, and our organization.

We are an important tool in helping homeowners to save or sell their properties before the bank completes the foreclosure process.

We are constantly updating our resources with the latest ways to help homeowners, such as; 

  • do you need to increase your income or get extra income? We have ways for you, the homeowner, to earn extra income from home. 
  • What's the best way to protect, save your home? 
  • Is it time to move into a less expensive house?

Email us for more information and to get answers to these questions and/or what kind of help you need. Also, if you do not see what you are looking for today, you can sign up for our email alerts and we will update you as new information comes in.


Perspective & Experience

Rely on us to help exceed your expectations. If you need help with any other services related to Real Estate, look no further. Ask us about how we can help with:

  • Saving your house 
  • Selling your house
  • Buying a house
  • Leasing a house with the option to buy 
  • Getting a mortgage loan with the lowest rate in the market, with less than perfect credit
  • Filing for bankruptcy and start fresh

Adding Value

 Most successful homeowners that have been able to save or sell and get into another freshly renovated house as rental and eventually purchased with the lowest interest rate,  will tell you they could not have saved their credit without our help. Our core principles and strong mission shape our efforts. So find out what makes our proven approach to stop your foreclosure process successful. Contact us today.  


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